Mixed Media & Collage

Shop unique pieces created without the constraints of just one medium in this diverse selection.

Medium croaked

She Croaked of Self-criticism
By Kala Cullars

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Sun kissed
By Allan Brown

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Green Meadows
By Allan Brown

Medium oct21r 1

Summer at the Lake
By Patricia Littlefield

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Maybe Money Does Grow on Trees
By Erika Tully

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Enchanting Forest
By Erika Tully

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Sunflower Funflower
By Erika Tully

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North Chicago Skyline 3D...
By Jordan Mansour

Medium img 1834

Collage Collage
By Regina Roland

Medium img 2200

Ask Your Anger
By Kala Cullars

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January 2022
By Michael Donner Dlugolecki

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Calling Forth
By Kala Cullars

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Halves And Have Nots
By Kala Cullars

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Grace and Mercy (SOLD)
By Kala Cullars

Medium vortext of creation

Vortex of Creation (SOLD)
By Kala Cullars

Medium raw nerve endings

Raw Nerve Endings
By Kala Cullars

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Support From The Unseen
By Kala Cullars

Medium kala ezra

Trust Your Intuition
By Kala Cullars

Medium img 3258

Old Threadbare Idea
By Kala Cullars

Medium fullsizeoutput 788e

The Vortex
By Cheri Riechers

Medium peer gunt l

Peer Gunt
By Andrew Sechin

Medium penis envy 1

Penis Envy
By Kala Cullars