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Gorgeous jewelry is the finishing touch to every ensemble. From minimalist pendants to statement-making baubles, fine metalwork to precious stones, you’ll find the perfect piece to complete the look. Original jewelry also makes a wonderful gift at any time of the year.

Medium 2019webfolded rose band 2500x2500px

Rose Gold Ring with Diamonds
By Diana Widman

Medium sapphirebeehiverings apart 1000px 2

Sapphire Beehive Rings
By Diana Widman

Medium stackingringskbk

Stacking Rings, Set K + B + K
By Stacy Givon

Medium rings 1 mvm

Stacking Rings, Set M + V + M
By Stacy Givon

Medium fb 2016  0015 rings  0001s 0011 dsc 0504

Individual Stacking Ring P
By Stacy Givon

Medium fb 2016  0014 rings  0001s 0012 dsc 0503

Individual Stacking Ring G
By Stacy Givon

Medium fb 2016  0013 rings  0001s 0013 dsc 0502

Individual Stacking Ring Q
By Stacy Givon

Medium owsilverfiligreewhite ringmay2020

Silver filigree Ring with...
By Diana Widman

Medium 2019webbklyn bridge ring 2500x2500px

Brooklyn Bridge Band
By Diana Widman

Medium largestackingringst

Individual Stacking Ring T
By Stacy Givon

Medium r262koxd

Beaded Criss Cross Ring...
By Dana Reed

Medium moraymesh ring standing copy 2

Solid Gold Mesh and Diamond...
By Diana Widman

Medium dwmoharafiligreerng copy edited 1

Gold and Green Garnet...
By Diana Widman

Medium dw blue square ring

Simple Chic Sapphire Ring
By Diana Widman

Medium gold blue sapphire ring4x6 2500x2500px

Gold Ring with 1-carat Blue...
By Diana Widman

Medium stackingringsgtg

Stacking Rings, Set G + T + G
By Stacy Givon

Medium stackingringslfl

Stacking Rings, Set L + F + L
By Stacy Givon

Medium new ring

Stacking Rings, Set D + U + D
By Stacy Givon

Medium whtbaroquedrops  pkspinel trifoilfilledtops hangingv1 aafdesigns 090220 1000px

Past Reflections -...
By Ann Flick

Medium lightyellowbaroquedrops wovenscrolltoppers pixeledits 1100x annflickdesigns

Serenade in Pale Gold -...
By Ann Flick

Medium praseolite aqua ss18kdrops pixelcutedits 1100x annflickdesigns

Renaissance in Pastel -...
By Ann Flick

Medium 5b57b15b c3d2 4c3a aa66 1fc9cfbb29db

Pearl Leila Earring
By Candace Marsella

Medium  dsc4851

DUET Men's Start Me Up...
By Meg Musick Makely

Medium img 8663

Moon & Star Necklace
By Candace Marsella