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Gorgeous jewelry is the finishing touch to every ensemble. From minimalist pendants to statement-making baubles, fine metalwork to precious stones, you’ll find the perfect piece to complete the look. Original jewelry also makes a wonderful gift at any time of the year.

Medium stackingringskbk

Stacking Rings, Set K + B + K
By Stacy Givon

Medium r262koxd

Beaded Criss Cross Ring...
By Dana Reed

Medium largestackingringst

Individual Stacking Ring T
By Stacy Givon

Medium owsilverfiligreewhite ringmay2020

Silver filigree Ring with...
By Diana Widman

Medium 2019webbklyn bridge ring 2500x2500px

Brooklyn Bridge Band
By Diana Widman

Medium stackingringsgtg

Stacking Rings, Set G + T + G
By Stacy Givon

Medium stackingringslfl

Stacking Rings, Set L + F + L
By Stacy Givon

Medium new ring

Stacking Rings, Set D + U + D
By Stacy Givon

Medium moraymesh ring standing copy 2

Solid Gold Mesh and Diamond...
By Diana Widman

Medium dwmoharafiligreerng copy edited 1

Gold and Green Garnet...
By Diana Widman

Medium dw blue square ring

Simple Chic Sapphire Ring
By Diana Widman

Medium gold blue sapphire ring4x6 2500x2500px

Gold Ring with 1-carat Blue...
By Diana Widman

Medium ltyellowbaroque drops ss18kgg aafdesigns 2020

Serenade in Pale Gold -...
By Ann Flick

Medium whtbaroquedrops  pkspinel trifoilfilledtops hangingv1 aafdesigns 090220 1000px

Past Reflections -...
By Ann Flick

Medium aquacab praseolitetops hangingv1 aafdesigns 10720 1000px

Renaissance in Pastel -...
By Ann Flick

Medium 1430fc55 b617 40d9 b0e7 fb08a8426821

Marilyn Monroe Earring Set
By Leah Devora

Medium p1100805

ear 003
By Patricia Pint

Medium p1100683

Screamin green
By Patricia Pint

Medium zangtzemetallic drops 18ky 1000x aafdesigns112120

By Ann Flick

Medium silverfw ssgf vikingbangle 1000x aafdesigns112120

Lunaire - Silver Freshwater...
By Ann Flick

Medium purple

Satori Water Drop Necklace...
By Stephanie Tantillo

Medium p1100678

Beach baby
By Patricia Pint

Medium p1100691

Wakanda Forever
By Patricia Pint

Medium open backed bracelets silver   brass

Open Back Bracelet...
By Laura Nigro