Summer is Here to Stay!

Decorate Your Summer with Art!

Summer Sunrise- Liz Kalish

Hang this painting and see the sunrise and beautiful sailboats!

Editor Selection

Late Summer- Linda Goad

Close up Photograph of a sunflower

Editor Selection

Berries at the Market- Scott Fine

Photograph of summer's favorite berries

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For your Favorite Grad...A Gift of Art

Art to Remember their Wonderful Years 

Editor Selection

M Go Blue! Richard Russell

Perfect Art Gift for the Michigan Grad...Original Oil Painting

Editor Selection

The University of Illinois Field by JOHN STOECKLEY

Remind your grad of the fun and excitement of the games with this pen and ink

Editor Selection

Artists Journal by James Sharp

Hand printed textile collage on front and back covers. 74 pages made from recycled envelopes embellished with page edges, page tags and pictures designed to stimulate the creative spirit.

Wrap Her In Love

Accessorize on those chilly Summer nights 

Editor Selection

Dusk Scarf by Ann Catherine

Full Scarf is made of 2-layers of black and white silk chiffon abstract floral patterns. Versatile and reversible, you can accent any work, play or everyday outfit with this timeless accessory.

Editor Selection

Shawl by Kathleen Grumich

This shawl was inspired by a pre-World War II kimono, with stencil printed warp and weft threads. Hand-painted drawing on a medium weight silk crepe de chine.

Editor Selection

Scarf by Shelly Lawler

With one simple knot - you are draping off your shoulder. With two simple knots you have a beautiful SHAWL/CAPE look that covers your arms, provides beautiful back interest - YES they will be looking at your exit!




Amy's Art Picks of the Week

Art You Can Use and Wear!  

Editor Selection

Ruby RedGlass Dish

Ruby red oval glass dish hand made by Christine Freeburn. Perfect as an art piece to admire, or a piece to use. Also a great wedding present or house warming gift!

Editor Selection

Arty earrings to show your individuality by Kim Crocker Dickenson

Boulder Opal and Amethyst Asymmetric Earrings in Sterling Silver

Editor Selection

Think Summer with this Ceramic Watermelon Bowl

Handmade and glazed by Justin Mckenney, this is the perfect serving piece for your next fruit salad!

Special Gifts For Him

For Your Dad, Brother, Uncle, Partner 

Editor Selection

Martinis..Shaken not Stirred by Al Sorenson

Beautiful contemporary multi-colored acrylic painting on canvas. Perfect for the home of office

Editor Selection

Blackhawk Pride by Robert Scott

Original oil painting captures the motion and excitement of the game

Editor Selection

Hippie Van by Dick Dahlstrom

Unique 3d Mixed Media sculpture of the classic VW Van. Great for those who still have a little hippie in them




Art for Over the Bed or Sofa

Finish off your room with a big piece of art 

Editor Selection

Orange Juice Blues by Carla Bank

Wake up to this original painting! Hundreds of layers of hand poured acrylic paint in vibrant blue and orange tones.

Editor Selection

Broken Dreams by Dewey James

Mixed Media Art of a dancer on point in a fantasy setting

Editor Selection

The River's Edge by Ron and Liv Colbert

This stunning piece is comprised of 3 original Photographs and 2 hand painted originals that combine seamlessly to create a mixed media interpretation. By the husband and wife team

The Art of Mindfullness

Art to Zen out to Find your Peace through Art  

Editor Selection

Journey by Victor and Megan Field

Clay wall hanging crafted by hand, combining our hand drawn artwork and original poetry. Each piece is 100% handmade and original. Driftwood included

Editor Selection

Great Tree by Victor and Megan Field

Hand built clay wall hanging, combining our hand drawn poetry. Each piece is 100% handmade and original. Driftwood included.

Editor Selection

Lotus by Victor and Megan

Hand built clay wall hanging, combining our hand drawn poetry. Each piece is 100% handmade and original. Driftwood included.




Gifts for Kids!!!

Give unique art gifts 

Editor Selection

Take A Kid Fishing, Photograph by Dan Albright

Sweet sentiment for your favorite little fisherman

Editor Selection

Hand made Sundress and Hat by Candi Koonce

Reversible Button Dress And 8 way Scrunchy Hat

Editor Selection

Cute as a Button Sundress and Hat by Candi Koonce

Reversible Top Skirt Fishing hat and small purse

Jill's Picks

Art for the Home 

Editor Selection

Hot Red Corvette Photograph adds Heat to Any Room

The Classic Red Corvette is featured in this Color Photograph by Ron Ballok. The perfect piece for car lovers! Hot reds and shiny chrome captivates in this tightly cropped action photograph.

Editor Selection

Vibrant Acrylic Paintings by Cara Bank

Wake up to this painting titled "Orange Juice Blues!"  Hundreds of layers of hand poured acrylic paint in vibrant blue and orange tones. Perfect for over the bed or sofa...or in the dining room too

Editor Selection

Pueblo Viejo, an abstract painting by artist Matthew Jackson

Painter Matthew Jackson captures the heat of the southwest in this original abstract painting titled Pueblo Viejo. The warm palette of reds, oranges and yellows glows with the intensity of a hot day in the southwest.




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