Feature of the Week!

David Addario Mosaic Photographs

Hot Air Ballon

Designed using over 100 images of hot air balloons

Editor Selection

Garden Flowers

Print Art

Editor Selection

New York City

Designed using over 100 images of New York

Editor Selection

Add A Pop Of Color To Your Home

A little color never hurt nobody!  

Editor Selection

Balanced By Robert & Michelle Casarietti

Bold Abstract Watercolor

Editor Selection

Kite Strings by Anne Hanley

Colorful Abstract Oil Painting

Editor Selection

Bartholomew's Bud Vase By Chug Young & Deana Blanchard

Fabricated Multi-Color Steel Sculpture

For the Music Lovers

Bowie, Beatles & Blues 

Editor Selection

David Bowie Hip Bag by Diana Pasikov

Wearable art, crossbody bag

Editor Selection

For the Benefit of SPLHCB by Martin Lambuth

Paint on wood

Editor Selection

Blues on Halsted by Brian Horan

Photograph on paper




Dog Days of Summer


Editor Selection

Greyhound by Karen Robey

Pen & ink drawing

Editor Selection

Trainees by Dana Newman

Oil painting on canvas

Editor Selection

Dog Breeds of America by David Addario

Mosaic Print Art

Wearable Unique Art

Stand out in these eye catching pieces  

Editor Selection

Chain of Flowers by Celia Strickler

Copper pearl necklace

Editor Selection

Papillon by Isabelle Gougenheim

Editor Selection

Statement Earrings by Diana Ferguson

hand patterned




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