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Northbrook Art in the Park Live Virtual Art Fair

Terms, Conditions and Agreements

Date: Saturday, June 6 through Saturday, June 13, 2020
Time: 24/7 with live interaction Saturday June 6, 2020 Noon-4:00pm CST

The Northbrook Art in the Park Live Virtual Art Fair (also known as the Virtual Art Fair and Virtual Northbrook Art in the Park Event) is an event to benefit artists who were previously scheduled to participate in person in the 2020 Northbrook Art in the Park event. The event has been changed to an online event in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional artists may participate if juried into this event.

Artists are responsible for uploading their art and related images prior to the registration deadline and shipping all sold items to the buyer following the event as soon as possible, no longer than two weeks after the event.


This event is open to artists who juried into the Northbrook Art in the Park event for 2020 and additional artists who jury into this event.


To participate in The Virtual Northbrook Art in the Park event, artists must sign the attached Agreement and pay the $100 participation fee plus 25% of sales from the festival week. Deadlines sent directly to artists must be met.


Amdur Productions reserves the right to vet, edit and refuse images not in keeping with the quality or character of work submitted in jury to the The Virtual Northbrook Art in the Park event in violation of the policy.




Artists may elect to host a zoom chat room during the event. Artists are responsible for setting up their own zoom chat room by one week prior to the event via Zoom. As free Zoom allows for meetings of only 40 minutes, artists are encouraged to purchase the upgraded Zoom membership which provides for longer meetings. The price of extended Zoom is not included in the online event participation fee. At this time, the price of the extended monthly zoom is $14.95. For more info, go to


Failure to comply with the terms or conditions of this application may result in the termination of the Artist’s participation in future Amdur Productions events.


Artists grant Amdur Productions, Inc. and their representatives permission to use photos of all artwork and logos submitted for use in news releases and/or promotional materials including but not limited to printed and electronic publications, websites or other electronic communications including names and identities is descriptive text or commentary in connection with the images. Artists authorize the use of these images without compensation to the Artist.


Amdur Productions, Inc. assumes no liability for loss or damage to any property of the Artists. Amdur Productions, Inc. shall not be responsible for any breach of the law by Artists or their employees or contractors. Artists agree not to bring any suit for damages against Amdur Productions, Inc. for any personal injuries or property damages which may occur to Artists or their employees or contractors.


Any action by an artist to avoid paying ArtZipper.comTM‘s commission fee is considered commission fee avoidance and is strictly prohibited by ArtZipper.comTM. This includes, for example, encouraging buyers to purchase an item in your My Gallery through another venue. A transaction initiated on ArtZipper.comTM may not be completed off of ArtZipper.comTM. Artists’ personal websites, phone numbers, and emails are not shareable on ArtZipper.comTM and will be removed from your My Gallery page.


Artists agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Amdur Productions, Inc. and its officers, directors, employees and volunteers, from any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, lawsuits, actions and attorney fees arising out of the Artists’ participation in the Northbrook Art in the Park Virtual Art Fest, the provision or sale of the Artists products at the Virtual Art Fest and any actions or omissions of the Artists' agents and/or employees—whether intentional, reckless or negligent—in connection with the Artists ’participation in the Northbrook Art in the Park Virtual Art Fest. By participating in the Northbrook Art in the Park Live Virtual Art Festival, you agree to a dhere to all terms and conditions laid forth in this agreement.