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Medium earrings337more

Earrings #337More
By Stacy Givon

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Satori Long Hook Earrings
By Stephanie Tantillo

Medium  dsc1888 web

Satori Circle Earrings
By Stephanie Tantillo

Medium razzaqyellowsapphireearrings

Sapphire Earrings in Yellow...
By Diana Widman

Medium e1622kox

Long Eclipse Bar Earrings...
By Dana Reed

Medium dsc 0442

By Liliana Olmos

Medium dsc 0128

By Liliana Olmos

Medium dsc 4105

By Liliana Olmos

Medium earrings sapphire with topaz white bg

By Diana Widman

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Small Beaded Ridge Ovid...
By Dana Reed

Medium texturedfs22kylineardrops lgwhtfwp 1000x aafdesigns 11232021

Raising the Bar
By Ann Flick

Medium whtbaroquedrops  pkspinel trifoilfilledtops hangingv1 aafdesigns 090220 1000px

Past Reflections -...
By Ann Flick

Medium ltyellowbaroque drops ss18kgg aafdesigns 2020

Serenade in Pale Gold -...
By Ann Flick

Medium aquacab praseolitetops hangingv1 aafdesigns 10720 1000px

Renaissance in Pastel -...
By Ann Flick

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Signature Emerald Earrings
By Candace Marsella

Medium earrings88gv copy

Earrings #88GV
By Stacy Givon

Medium dsc 7780  1

By Liliana Olmos

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Pearl Leila Earring
By Candace Marsella

Medium razzaqsilverpeachprls

Natural Pearl and Fine...
By Diana Widman

Medium owmay2020gray spinel earrings gradient

Gray Spinel Drop Earrings
By Diana Widman

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Pair of Rutilated Quartz...
By Candace Marsella

Medium bahiamethystslices amethystmarquise dangles angleview 1000x aafdesigns 08112021

Lavender Mist
By Ann Flick

Medium bahiagoldenmarquisesdrops blushricepearl v2 1000x aafdesigns041421

Golden Inspirations -...
By Ann Flick

Medium odell design studio heart stud earrings r

14k Gold Plated Micro Heart...
By Marilyn and Haley Ballard