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Eric Lee


"Express yourself in everyday with a design that fits you. "

ABOUT ME Hi, my name is Eric Lee. I am a contemporary digital artist born and raised in Northbrook, IL. I am well-known for my digital artworks embodying contemporary abstract and surreal designs with vibrant colors. Although I was born with a hearing and speech impediment problem and a small motor skill disability, I have always aspired to pursue excellence to my best ability and have found...

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... my place in the world through art. I began my lifelong passion for vivid and abstract imagery as a youngster with a paintbrush in an art class, where the instructor encouraged me to learn Picasso’s artistic skills. I received a B.A. in Graphic Design from Lewis University, Romeoville, IL, and a Graphic Design Certificate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL.
I utilize various powerful tools in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in each of my artworks to digitally paint and deliver distinctive artistic effects. My artworks are often inspired by my diverse passion for nature, animals, lyrics from favorite music bands, and rich images embodied in classic Chinese poems and Asian culture.
As a fervent animal lover, I often incorporate many endangered animals, horses, popular dog breeds, and cats into my artwork. The unique integration of beloved endangered animals in the contemporary and abstract setting has inspired art connoisseurs.

If you have any questions or need other additional sizes and prints of my digital artwork, please e-mail me at [email protected].


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PROMENADE OF ART ARLINGTON HEIGHTS Outstanding Achievement Awards 2019

Lincolnshire Art Festival Outstanding Achievement Awards 2022

Young Artist Awards 2022, Art for Life Chicago and Diffa Chicago

Medium friendlysnowleopard

Friendly Snow Leopard 16x20...
Digital Art

Medium surrealbeauty copy

Surreal Beauty 20"x60" Giclee...
Digital Art

Medium koalaportiat

Koala 8x8 Shoutbox
Digital Art

Medium placeitcanvas

Sea Otter 13x19 Print Only
Digital Art

Medium sweethochicago

Sweet Home Chicago 8x8 Shoutbox
Digital Art

Medium bird   butterfly watercolor

Bird & Butterfly Watercolor...
Digital Art

Medium butterflytheater

Butterfly Theater-print edition...
Digital Art

Medium boomboomspace

Boom Boom Space Print Only
Digital Art

Medium surrelancient

Surreal Ancient 18x24 Canvas
Digital Art

Medium lookisfoxyfront

Looking Foxy 18x18 Canvas
Digital Art

Medium runinabstract

Run In Abstract 18x24" Framed
Digital Art

Medium socrazybamboo

SoCrazy Bamboo-Surreal forest...
Digital Art

Medium whoisfire

Who Is Fire-Horse 20x24-Print
Digital Art

Medium cranedanceword

Crane DanceWorld Printed Only
Digital Art

Medium butterflyorg

Butterfly 28x28in" Canvas
Digital Art

Medium redpandaabstract

Red Panda Abstract 16x20in"...
Digital Art

Medium horseartdeco digtalpainting

Art Deco Horse 16x30 Canvas
Digital Art

Medium seaotter

Sea Otter 24x36 Canvas
Digital Art

Medium houseofgalaxyttonight

House of Galaxy Tonight 16x16...
Digital Art

Medium barnowlneolight

BarnOwlNeonLight-aluminum Panel...
Digital Art

Medium thinkbig

Thinking Big (San Francisco)...
Digital Art

Medium thinkingchicagolion

ThinkingChicagoLion 13x19in Frame
Digital Art

Medium thinkingapplenyc

Thinking Apple NYC 12x24 Canvas
Digital Art

Medium searstower

Da 312 Willis Tower aka Sears...
Digital Art

Medium unicornshoutbox

Unicorn 8x10 Shoutbox
Digital Art