Quiet Oboes and Flames, 8’w x 2’h x 5”d

Quiet Oboes and Flames, 8’w x 2’h x 5”d by Myra Burg

From the Myra Burg Gallery

Category: Wall Sculptures

Title: Quiet Oboes and Flames, 8’w x 2’h x 5”d

Description: Price shown is for total installation. Quiet Oboe in Bassoon and mixed sizes with Liz Cummings iridescent paintings. Price shown totals all elements, each unique, each also available individually. Quiet Oboes are wrapped synthetic, natural and found fiber over hollow core, essentially cylindrical tapestries. Easily installed by using the multiple mounting holes found under the softest fiber. The Liz Cummings’ paintings are iridescent paint on canvas. Largest elements weigh about seven pounds each and all can safely and securely be mounted horizontally and on flat walls. Questions? Please call us. We’re friendly! 310-780-0666, MyraBurg.com

Theme: Abstract

Color: Anything you like! These installations can me made in any color way you desire! Also available through Liz Cummings.

Material: Other

Edition: original. Choose your color after purchase. If your favorite color isn’t here, we’ll make it for you!

Dimensions: 8 feet wide, 2 feet tall, 5 inches as its depth

Shipping: $0.00

Price: $3950.00