Blue Jean Frog

Blue Jean Frog by Kyra Richter

From the Kyra Richter Gallery

Category: Watercolor

Title: Blue Jean Frog

Description: This is the Blue Jeans poison dart frog (also called the Strawberry poison arrow frog). It lives in Costa Rica (lucky frog!) and is about the size of a of a man's thumb fingernail. These tiny frogs actually have 15-30 color variations, called "color-morphs". Though they are not endangered, these little guys are considered to be indicators that alert humans to environmental changes because they will suffer the consequences of these changes much earlier than other species. Printed on archival quality watercolor paper. This print will come to you in a mat but no frame. The original is painted on 100% cotton paper and watercolors made in the USA. But what makes these watercolors so special is that not only are you supporting a business in the USA but these watercolors are crafted with natural minerals and contain no toxic chemicals. This also gives the original painting a natural sparkle as the darker paints contain light reflective specs (like mica). The prints are retouched by me with the paints, these keeps them original and makes each one unique.

Theme: Animals

Color: Pop Color

Finish: Other

Edition: Limited Edition

Dimensions: 7 inches wide, 7 inches tall

Shipping: $3.00

Price: $20.00