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Stephanie Contole

Off-center Marketing Group, Inc. Gallery

"Creation of whimsical, creative art which we print on items we love to wear and use."

Off-Center Marketing is a full service, marketing and apparel company founded by Stephanie Contole and Harry Gibson. We do what we love and live life to the fullest. You can sometimes find us in the stands at a sporting event, dancing at a live music concert, hanging at a fest, basking in the sun, surfing a wave, riding a mountain and always supporting the community! Off-Center's main...

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... "why" is to eventually open a boxer & cat rescue and bring public awareness to mental health issues. Philanthropy and entrepreneurship pulsate through our veins. Currently we donate time and money to local charities.

In our shop you'll find a variety of custom art placed on high quality products. The difference between us and a lot of shops is:
1. All of our art is one of a kind from our left and right brains. Even those few designs that may have been beaten by a horse-we make it fresh (well, we try to).
2. We care about the quality of our products
3. We care about YOU

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Owl Unisex T-Shirt