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Stacey Jacobson

Dancing Fire Art Gallery

"Art Born of Fire"

Stacey Jacobson Creating art is another method of communicating with people. When someone connects with one of my pieces, there is no better feeling than to share an appreciation over something beautiful. My inspiration literally comes from any environment around me! I find my imagination stimulated by other art and artists of course, but a beautiful color, textures, patterns, nature,...

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... a piece of furniture or jewelry, a silhouette, fabric, people and animals, etc., can trigger my creative process. I never tire of the beauty of the human form and am endlessly inspired when connecting my ceramic work with stones, crystals, semi-precious gems, wood, glass, iron or steel and bringing a piece to completion as a totally unique finished piece of art.

As the daughter of an Air Force fighter pilot and a proud English mother, we lived and traveled all over the world and enjoyed a diverse and adventurous upbringing. We often went camping in the summer months and skiing over winter vacations. At the age of four, while on a camping trip in Lago di Garda, Italy, I clearly remember spending many pleasurable hours mixing dirt and water and making shapes and mud balls with my hands. I loved the way the mud felt squishing through my fingers. Of course, as my shapes dried they would fall apart and I would try to repair them. Those early days provided me with the beginnings of my understanding of structural integrity. By the time I graduated from dirt and water to Play-Doh and then real clay, it was all over and I was hooked!

When I am creating a piece of art I am in my favorite place enjoying the process of watching a concept evolve from a whisper in my mind, to a reality, is extremely fulfilling.

From my imagination for your pleasure . . .

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