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Sean Berton

Sean's Celtic Creations Gallery

"Original Fine Jewelry inspired by Celtic Art and Mythic Philosophy"

The many paths that have led me to the artistic road I am on are described on my website, but the crucial version is that through all my artistic adventures, the connection with my supporters, in person, have been the most meaningful and rewarding aspects of my work. Inspired by Celtic Art and Myth, the overtones of symbolic connectivity are the touchstone of my relationship with patrons....

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... Through amazing and resilient support over my lifetime, I am honored to be able to create jewelry expressions that resonate with the human experience as totems of belief and relations to the Earth, as well as to each other and beyond. Thank you to all of you who have made this life possible. Blessings, Sean

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The Award that brings me the most joy is the life long connections that I have forged with folks on a Nationwide scale over that last 30 years. It is truly a testament to my supporters that seek meaning and connection, often times bringing their own intuition and symbolic elements into my work as expressions of their personal story and beliefs. I have received other awards, more tangible in the critique of art and process, but those pale in comparison to the interactions with our collective experience.

I have received Favorite Artist at several venues. Those are my favorite awards :)

I was part of a small Team that received the "Ceramics Monthly" award for "Excellence in Brick" for a full color 500sf brick mural on the exterior of the train station in Lincoln Nebraska. The "Iron Horse Legacy" was created in full color using only various colors of clay, no glaze. I do not believe any other brick mural has been created in color using this method.

1st Place in the Craftsmanship category in St Augustine, FL in 1984 for a handmade knife I created with a full inlaid mammoth ivory handle including full color scrimshaw wildlife.

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Moon Goddess, Sun Spirit...
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