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Sarah Hunt Frank

Hunt-frank Designs Gallery

"I’m Sarah Hunt-Frank and I create one-of-kind, hand-built vases, using elegant lines to depict images in nature."

I admire Asian art and design: the subtle suggestion of an image with a few simple strokes, the delicate balance of a vessel. Out of this interest, I created a distinctive style slab-rolled, two-seamed vases in tall, elegant forms. I began making pottery in 2015 as a hobby. In high school, I had art classes at Heron School of Art and Purdue University. I earned degrees in art and theater at...

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... Ball State University, and have worked as a theatrical scenic designer for thirty years.
My vases have an aesthetically-pleasing almond-shaped silhouettes, the smooth surface contrasting with the rough opening at the top of the vase, and are decorated with designs inspired by Asian art.

In all my work, I strive for sophisticated, elegant forms and simple, suggestive images.

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Chickadee On A Branch

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Red Cardinal on Blue Cherry...