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Sarah Green

Skg Leather Gallery

"I create hand-stitched, craftsman leather pieces employing time-honored techniques."

I am Sarah Katharine Green, the sole craftsman and producer of the SKG Leather line. SKG Leather is a brand motivated by respect: respect for the craftsman, respect for the customer who will use my product, and respect for the animal whose hide I use. As a craftsman, I honor centuries of tradition in leatherwork and hand-stitching. I work slowly, employing time-honored techniques in use for...

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... over 100,000 years. No SKG Leather product contains any machine stitching; each piece is hand-cut, hand-laced, and hand-stitched. It is a gratifying, time-consuming process that produces a softly-structured, versatile, and nearly indestructible product that will only get more beautiful with years, or decades, of wear.

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SKG Classic: Mosaic
Purses, Bags & Backpacks

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SKG Classic
Purses, Bags & Backpacks

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SKG Mini
Purses, Bags & Backpacks