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Samuel Soltwisch


"The beauty of madness "

My name is Sam Soltwisch and I have been painting since high school. I want my work to reach and help the mental health community. I myself have struggled with mental health and have seen first hand the hardships it brings. Art has been a big relief during some hard times. Continuing to work on new material helps me continue to fight and find comfort. Through my art I hope to raise...

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... awareness for those who suffer from a mental illness, and hope to show those there is more to you than just the illness that defines you. I am mostly an abstract painter but I tend to jump from medium to medium rather quickly. I tend to get ideas and just want to see them on some paper.

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Storms a Brewing
Paintings: Acrylic

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The Man with sun in his eyes
Paintings: Acrylic

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His Last Pipe
Paintings: Acrylic

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Nighttime Monsters
Paintings: Acrylic

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Center of it All
Paintings: Acrylic