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Rosa Chavez

Emerald Art Gallery Gallery

"Painting is like breathing; I have to paint what I know, what I have seen, and experienced. If my life isn't documented through my artwork, it's like it never happened. My paintings are my memoir, and they are the reason I exist. "

For the past 30 years, Rosa’s work has been exhibited in galleries, art shows and art festivals throughout the country. Winning awards in Canada and the US, she is well known for a large body of work focused on European scenery created during her years of travel between Europe and the US. These paintings were inspired by scenery from France, Italy, Brussels, and Spain, amongst others. After...

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... years of painting romanticized European landscapes, a family vacation introduced her to Hawaii’s tropical landscapes which sparked a new series of paintings. Not only did her visual focus change but she also changed her medium. Tired of having to wait for oils to dry she moved on to work with acrylics. Acrylics are a key element to her current technique because they allow her to work quickly. Her favorite part of her process is mixing the colors of the painting on the canvas itself. She works without a palette, which has pushed her to clean her tools on the canvas itself and quickly grab another color which enables her to not lose her inspiration. This gives her work visual energy, as there isn’t a pause in between; it is created with constant motion. Like a stream in a river, it keeps flowing until it hits an ocean.
Rosa lives with and has shared a studio with her husband for the past 30 years. They constantly feed off of each other's creativity and inspiration, with conversations together of their mutual love for the arts and nature, or literally grabbing a brush and painting on each other's piece. As artists have witnessed in art school, many teachers, students, and partners work with one another by giving honest supportive critiques that help each other grow.

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