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Patricia Heller

Patricia Heller Weaving Gallery

"You deserve nice things!"

My name is Patricia Heller. I am a textile/fiber artist. I weave rugs on three different size floor looms. The materials I weave with are high-end upholstery ends (the end of the run) which I purchase from the manufacturers, and wool ends purchased from the Pendleton company in Oregon. The wool is from the manufacturing of Native American Blankets. I have expanded my work to combine...

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... my hand-woven work with leather, thus producing one of a kind purses, briefcases and bags.

I also create pieces that are just leather.

I have always been the happiest working in the art world. I'm amazed how my work can keep evolving into new creations using new materials and designs. Time flies and disappears when I'm in my studio doing my thing.

I began weaving approximately ten years ago when I returned to Wisconsin from Los Angeles. (I was a working actress in Chicago and L.A. for decades). I take great joy in being totally free to design in any direction I choose. It is so rewarding to NOT have to have others approve my work prior to getting the job. No more agents, casting directors or auditions. In my studio there are no wrong choices!

All of my pieces are one of a kind. Yep, totally original. I love being able control the quality of my pieces. I'm pleased that so much of my business is repeat business because of the workmanship.
It also leads to a lot of commission work.

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