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Nazneen Husain

Nazneen Husain Gallery

"Express your Pursenality with Nazneen's Wearable Art"

I make purses to collect life’s experiences, my bags are wearable art for people who appreciate enduring concepts, meticulous handwork and materials of the highest caliber. I use Indian textiles, unusual combinations, fiber art, embroidered leather and fur on hides. I incorporate embroidery, beadwork, applique and manipulation to achieve a certain look. Recycling and repurposing is a big part...

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... of my work, I love to give new life to clothing and fabric samples. Custom orders allow customers to specify their needs.
I believe we all have a role to play in this world, at every stage of my life I seek that higher purpose. Often this means that I have to do many things simultaneously. Like establishing my handbag business while raising my children. I made a few bags to raise funds for my children’s youth group, when the bags sold immediately and I got orders to make more, I realized that people not only liked my bags but they found value in my ability to customize the bag they needed, so I decided to officially start my business. Not having any formal training in sewing nor in business presented its challenges. I had to learn techniques as they presented themselves in sewing which often meant hours of work to achieve the end product. Time was my most precious commodity and I found it to be very scarce between family and working. My husband being in the military was frequently gone, therefore, I had the total responsibility of caring for our children. Funds were limited with a growing family and a fixed income, fortunately I worked from home so that kept overheads to a minimum and with the, support of my family, experience and passion to create, my business started to prosper. I had a few articles written about my wearable art and some of the art shows gave me spots on the news to promote their festivals. It was with this exposure that other artists in our Muslim community came to know of my endeavor and reached out to me for advice to start their own business or work in my company.I had a hard time turning anyone away and so I had a workforce that were refugees or new immigrants that did not speak English nor did they drive. They were grateful for the opportunity to practice their English learn to acclimate to the American lifestyle. As life has taken them in different directions, they continue to do creative work, two of my employees continue to do work remotely and send their work by mail to me. Another has started her own business and now I commission her to make pieces for my purses.

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