Megan Elisha

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"The smallest brushstroke can have the largest effect"

I've been painting ever since I can remember, but my work really picked up after I took an intensive painting course that challenged me to work both large and with portraiture. I instantly became fascinated with faces and how the smallest details can change the look of someone entirely. I think it's interesting how much power the human person has. Through relationships, conversation, music, and...

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... other interactions, people affect me. This is why I like to portray them in my paintings; I don't just paint a picture of a random person, but instead of someone who has an effect. People are powerful and intriguing. They have the capability to turn another's life around completely. It's the amount of tiny detail that makes people the same, but also so different. Artistically, the smallest brushstroke can entirely change the way a person looks on canvas. That concept is what makes portraiture so difficult, yet that much more exciting to complete.

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Peyton Manning
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Michael Jordan
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