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Mays Mayhew


"Realistic figurative contemporary graphite drawings on paper"

“People who view my work often say that the work creates a story that reflects their own. -Quite often that story is one of pleasant nostalgia or sometimes overcoming struggle. I create artwork that helps people immerse themselves in the calm chaos or subtle dualities. I render the figure realistically because I want the viewer to identify with the subject matter. It’s my goal to create a...

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... beautiful image that mirrors their journey.

I mostly draw repeated human figures. The repetition could be the same person in a different pose or twins. The twosome weaves an untold narrative echoing the viewers own. Imperfect repetition causes dualities mirrored by the ones the viewer has internally. Other times the repeated figure represents a twin or kinship with another.

When working in oil paint, I choose bright colors for the background. However, when I choose to use graphite pencils it’s for the hauntingly beautiful silver monochromic environment they create. It’s important to me to create pieces that are beautiful, distinctive and empathetic.” Said Mays Mayhew.

Mayhew lives and resides in Aurora, IL with her two small children and husband. She has shown on a national level but mostly concentrates on exhibiting in the Midwest. She has been a contemporary figurative artist working on canvas or paper for over twenty years.

Mays Mayhew
August 2019

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Best in show, Starline Factory Gallery, 6/2018, 1/2019, 7/2019

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Drawings and Pen & Ink

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Drawings and Pen & Ink

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Departing Kiss
Drawings and Pen & Ink