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Mark Dreyer

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"There is nothing finer than the look of a distinctive writing instrument."

My goal when creating a new piece is simple – a functional, practical piece of art that can be used on a daily basis or appreciated as a fine collectable. My writing instruments feature hand crafted bodies and other turned materials by an award winning artist and nationally recognized demonstrator. My materials include abalone shell, pheasant feathers, antler, carbon fiber, Disney crushed...

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... pennies, watch parts, steam punk, and many exotic woods. Each pen is not only a work of art, but also a conversation piece. I love to hear the stories from friends who have one of my creations, and how it makes them feel distinguished. I have had people take as long as an hour looking at my pens trying to figure the exact message they want to tell or give as a gift. The true excitement for me is knowing it will be something special. Something distinctive

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Medium goldmickey

Mixed Media

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Abalone Majestic
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Gear Shift
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Pink Ribbon Princess
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Patriotic Bolt Action
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Campbell's Soup Peppermill
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