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Marco Bendin


"My art is a journey into the hidden depths of everyday life. By using a limited palette and playing with perspective, light, shadow, and reflection, I aim to create a sense of wonder in my paintings, inviting the viewer to discover the invisible and experience the transcendence of overlooked details."

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Medium dreaming sand and steel 20x20 2023 03

Dreaming Sand and Steel
Paintings: Oil

Medium the reading corner 30x30 2023 04

The Reading Corner
Paintings: Oil

Medium sunset on madison at state 11x14 2020 05

Sunset on Madison at State
Paintings: Oil

Medium union power station  2 11x14 2020 10

Union Power Station #2
Paintings: Acrylic

Medium grant park 20x10 2022 05

Grant Park
Paintings: Oil

Medium cta tracks 20x16 2021 01

CTA tracks
Paintings: Oil

Medium st. charles air line bridge  2 24x18 2021 01

St. Charles Air Line Bridge #2
Paintings: Oil

Medium t 4 2 8x8 2023 05

Paintings: Oil