Jody Flemming

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Jlee Studio Wearable Art Gallery

"Recycled, Repurposed, Found Objects, mixed with unique designs and style, equals Jlee Studio Wearable Art"

Jlee Studio ~ Wearable Art! Our jewelry is hand-stamped and personalized…… using multiple process, to achieve a distinctive look. Jlee uses recycled, repurposed materials, mixed metals, copper, aluminum, brass also using distressed metal and wire. Some designs are oxidized then hand finished to bring out the beautiful warm glow of the metal. The artist, jlee, added uniqueness to her designs...

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... through individual hand-stamped, each piece is hand cut, filed and stamped. Various techniques are used by jlee to finish each piece, such as doming, concaving, cold fusion, textured and annealed. Some of the designs, jlee will add a little flare, as seen in her signature Collection, by adding natural stones, hand wrapped in sterling silver, copper, brass and distress metal wire. Each one is attached with a separate component, designed and made by jlee adding designs can be customized or personalized. Jlee Studio Wearable Art has been supporting small local business and artists since 1992 ,

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Tree of Life / Family Tree Wrap...
Bracelets & Cuffs

Medium abstract flower  bar necklace

Abstract Wire Flower Bar Necklace

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Circle of Hearts Copper Bracelet
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