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Joanne Barsanti

Photography By Joanne Barsanti Gallery

"Taking photography to a new level..."

My work resembles paintings and drawings of subjects from nature: birds, animal and plant life, landscapes, and peaceful scenes. They are in fact carefully composed and composited photographic images designed to evoke a simplicity and peacefulness commonly found in Asian art. To enhance the digital textures and special effects I print the images on Kozo/Unryu paper that is made in Japan. The...

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... final step is an ancient post-print process that results in a crinkled and distressed look. Subject matter, digital enhancements, print media and post-print process all work together to create unique works of art that combine modern digital technology with ancient oriental processes.

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Best in Category/2D Mixed Media 2017 Art in the Barn
Finalist on Alternative Processes, Digital Manipulation, and Collages 8th Edition Julia Margaret Cameron Award (2016)
Honorable Mention: "Over the Moon" Norris Gallery Exhibit "Fly Away!" January - February 2016
1st Place: "Pick Me (Columbine)" Bloomingdale Artists Association Annual Spring Show, Bloomingdale Park District Museum, May/June 2015,
Honorable Mention: "Prairie Power: Winter's End," Annual Juried Student Art Exhibit, Cleve Carney Art Gallery, McAninch Arts Center; April / May 2014;
Finalist in Landscapes and Seascapes category: "River Cruise 1" 6th Edition Pollux Award (2014)
Finalist in Alternative Processes and Digital Manipulation category: 6th Edition of Julia Margaret Cameron Award (2014)

Honorable Mention / Winter Mosaic Exhibit, 2016