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Janine Monroe

J Monroe Gallery Gallery

Being born in Kingston, Jamaica, having parents who are classical musicians, and living in the United States for most of her life gives a unique perspective to the work of the story-teller - Janine Monroe. Formerly Janine Jackson, Janine received a Bachelor of Arts in Drawing from Georgia Southern University and then began to capture images of life through oils. Janine brings unique...

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... perspectives to her oil paintings as she explores socio-political and environmental issues.

Janine's current work features a new and innovative use of recycled wood that is combined with acrylic polymers and pigments to create an added dimension to the work while continuing to explore questions about resources, women and the value of both. Whether two or three-dimensional, each piece explores the power of eyes – the windows to the soul, in combination with the creation of idiosyncratic images influenced by the knots of sycamore trees. Together the medium and subject matter forms and informs a dialogue about the importance of preserving all of our resources.

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Wall Sculptures

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Saint of the Innocent

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Blue Moon

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Mixed Media & Collage

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Mixed Media & Collage

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World View

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Can you see me?

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Hidden in Sky Blue