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Jake Chaitkin

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"I like to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing art out of clay and wood"

In the beginning there were clay thrown yarn bowls and dreidels. I developed more woodworking skills and found a love for reclaimed wood barrels. The curve of staves fascinated me and my candle holders were born. I love opening the barrels and seeing the penetration line where the wine or whisky seeped into the grain of the wood. To showcase the inside of the barrels and the beauty of the wine...

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... or whisky penetration, I have created functional art by building my chairs, tables and other home decor pieces. Using reclaimed wood and barn wood in my furniture seemed like a natural next step to add to the barrels. The reclaimed wood, barn wood and wood barrels all carry their story in the knicks, scratches and gouges that make them one of a kind and timeless. Live edge wood caught my eye because of the pronounced grain lines and the contradiction between the smooth inside wood and the coarse bark. Using live edge wood in my furniture added to its beauty and timelessness.
Thingsspun represents not only the things I make that spin like my dreidels and yarn bowls but also the thoughts of things to create that spin in my head.
Everyday I challenge myself a little bit more to see how I can mix the materials I love, clay and wood, to create the things you see in my store.

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Medium cocktail table 1 with candleholder

Cocktail Table
Furniture: Tables & Shelves

Medium table 1 leaves down

Wood Barrel Table
Furniture: Tables & Shelves

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Indoor: Tabletop & Small Scale