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Jacqueline Cabessa lived in Paris, France, and moved to the United States after college. Her most formative years were in France where every day was an artistic experience. As soon as she was given a box of art materials at a very young age, Jacqueline started drawing and later painting any subject matter in surroundings. As a young adult, she developed a deep interest in figurative and...

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... architectural drawing. Fashion, French culture and history greatly influenced her artistic style. Her favorite French artists, Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, and Fernand Leger had an impact on her painting techniques and color palettes.

Her passion for painting deepened after moving to Milwaukee, where painting was a way of projecting on canvas memories of places and people from her time in Paris. Jacqueline painted for family and friends and to decorate her newly established prêt-à-porter boutiques. Selling French fashion most certainly intensified her interest in design, soft contour, movement, texture, and color.

Throughout her many ears as an artist, Jacqueline has always been a celebrator of femininity and elegance. Her most recent body of work reflects this tradition. Through soft, feathery brushstrokes, she is able to express the innate sense of class and gentleness characterizing all women in the world. The smooth, colorful architectural designs also reveal a sense of celebration of all things feminine in her Blue Dome cityscape collection.

For Jacqueline, art is a passion, a way to celebrate life, and an expression of joie de vivre.

Jacqueline currently resides in Milwaukee where she teaches art and exhibits her paintings and glass sculptures in art festivals and in galleries. Some of her commissioned work is on public display. One of her permanent installations is located at the Chudnow Museum of Yesteryear, in Milwaukee.

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