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Ellen Grenier Bevill

Threadings Handwoven Designs Gallery

"Weaving is my passion, showcasing color and pattern interaction."

Since about the age of 10, Fiber Arts have been a large part of my life, learning to knit and sew from my mother. The fiber journey then took me through the world of Embroidery, then Spinning and Weaving. It is weaving that sparks my passion, the colors, textures, patterns and what one could create. Since retirement from the corporate world, my focus has been on one of a kind Wearables and...

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... Fashion Accessories that showcase pattern and color. The fiber mediums used are high end natural fibers. These items need to express not only my aesthetic but the wearer’s as well.

Standard aug 2020   use this one

2019 Naperville Fine Art - Fiber Award of Excellence

Medium 2528 lilacs mobius shawl

Lilacs Mobius Shawl
Scarves & Ties

Medium 2534 iris infinity scarf long

Iris Infinity Scarf
Scarves & Ties

Medium 2535 spring meadow tied 1

Spring Meadow Scarf
Scarves & Ties

Medium 2560 rare earth infinity scarf looped

Rare Earth Infinity Scarf
Scarves & Ties

Medium 2573 castle rock shawl long

Castle Rock Shawl / Scarf
Scarves & Ties

Medium 2552 court jester scarf

Court Jester Handwoven Scarf
Scarves & Ties

Medium 2548 meadow fog

Meadow Fog Scarf
Scarves & Ties

Medium 2589 ice crystal scarf

Ice Crystal Scarf
Scarves & Ties