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Elizabeth Waddington

Elizabeth Waddington Watercolors Gallery

"I collage my watercolor florals to capture the exuberance and color of the garden "

Flowers are the perfect vehicle for color, form and composition. I paint two or more paintings at the same time so I can collage my flowers together. My arrangements frequently go outside the mat to give the appearance that my flowers are bursting out of their space to gain your attention.

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Awards for 2016:
Palos Park "Love the Park" best in show- painting
Crystal Lake "Art Fair at the Dole" merit award
various purchase awards at shows throughout the summer

Medium 20170201 182115

Garden Collage

Medium 20170107 142226

Day Lilly

Medium 20170108 100912

Blue and Green Hydrangea

Medium 20170130 110217

Arrangement in a Glass Vase

Medium 20170130 155039

Purple Cone Flowers