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Diane Volrath

Diane Michele Volrath Llc Gallery

"Creating Happiness Each Day "

Diane's art career started, like many artist, in her studio under the basement stairs at about 7 years old. The back of the stair risers were a perfect place to hang latest master piece in her own private gallery. Little did she know then, that she would have art hanging in private showings and museums like the Figgie Art Museum. Watercolors, Quilting, Charcoals, Sugar, Photography and...

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... Glass are all mediums she has used in the past to express her art.
In 1993 Diane opened Cake Creations in Davenport, Iowa. Specializing in wedding cakes allowed her to use sugar as her art medium. The desire to produce a Bridal Wedding Cake Book led her back into her love of photography.
The peace and stress relief of creating photographic images of nature led to her retire in
December of 2006 from cake decorating.
Photography has allowed Diane to meet interesting people and see wonderful places in this
world. Having art interests throughout her life has led to the creation of a unique display of her photography enclosed in stained glass.
She became interested in the process of creating photos on glass after reading an article
on the great photographers of this country and the images that they produced glass
because of no photography papers. After a trial and error process, similar images in glass were created.
She began to use a solvent ink process that removes the photo paper and uses glass instead.
Knowledge she gained in stained glass, and design principles of quilting, led to the finishing process of these photographic images.
Art like life evolves and is constantly growing. The item that were once created to use glass scraps up in Diane's studio are now a complete wholesale line. 3-D stained glass garden flowers, small vase roses and lilies, dragonflies, ladybugs, pussy willows, leaf branches and many more seasonal items.
Get in touch with Diane at [email protected] or 563-343-2765.

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