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Denna Arnold

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"Personalized statement pieces that say more, allowing clients to be bold and contrast the norm."

About a decade ago, I stumbled across a raw wood countertop and immediately fell in love, reveling in every contour and "flaw" in the wood. The texture inspired me. So, I took it home, and began sketching and painting furiously, using the natural grain of the wood to influence the layout and design of the piece. After hours of labor and deliberation, it was finished. One of the most...

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... difficult things for me was entrusting another person to seal with a top coat. I was relieved when I picked up the flawless finished piece, and proudly displayed it in the heart of my home: the kitchen island.

When we moved to a new home last year, we converted the countertop into our kitchen table. It continues to garner awed compliments from every visitor who comes to call, and always sparks pleasant conversation.

While I've masqueraded as a sales rep for most of my adult life, I hold a masters from Syracuse University in illustration with an emphasis in fashion illustration. I taught at Kendall College for the Arts for two years, and have worked diligently to master my own craft and style, developing a deep appreciation for trying new combinations of textures, colors and patterns.

I founded Contra Designs in 2015 after hearing people gush over my countertop. I always loved it, but it took those extra votes of confidence to make me realize just how special it was.

The name Contra Designs arose from my love of contrast and contradictions, which shows in my pieces. Bright colors are offset with black and white patterns, realistic is blended with graphic, and each element stands out on its own while at the same time creating balance and harmony together in the piece as a whole.

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