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"Leather jewelry for you, and the other you!"

LEATHER FINERY FOR WOMEN AND MEN. Explore the metal and leather work of Nyet Jewelry. Never mind our generation has come to grips with the fact that pretty much everything we consume is mass produced this designer begs to differ that there is a spot to be filled to cater to discerning people who are still looking for something truly unique. Every piece of Miss Nyet Jewelry is handmade...

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... with love and patience by the designer in her Chicago workshop with carefully selected hides she dyes herself and original pieces of hardware that are made to last.

Her work has been showcased in various national magazines and on the Fashion Focus Chicago runways.
Creations from her equestrian line have been commissioned by the organizers of the La Martina Beach Polo World Cup held in Miami for two years in a row (2013 and 2014) to be given as gifts to the professional polo players participating in this high-profile event during the trophy ceremony.

- Customer choice ribbon Randolph Street market 2012

- Commissioned in 2013 and 2014 by the Polo Life to create an equestrian piece of leather jewelry for each of the professional polo players participating in the La Martina Beach Polo World Cup.

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Temptation necklace

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Stirrup 2.1 earrings

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Fringe benefits Choker

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Stirrup 2.0 Necklace silver

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