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Bruised Peach, Llc Gallery

"I make quilted items with vibrant unexpected colors."

I love the luminosity of bright colors blended together.I have always been inspired by the power of glorious combinations of color gradients. Colors can elevate or depress moods. I make items that have a powerful blend that will pretty much work wherever you would like a splash of color, warmth, and cheer. I started a specialty line of quilts, called “Cruising Baby!™”. These quilts are smaller...

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... and designed for cribs, strollers, wheelchairs, and pets! I love bringing color into the lives of people.

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A Walk Up The Stairs
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

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Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

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Polk a Dot Bliss
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

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Loving Baby.
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings

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Southern Sunset
Fiber: Quilts & Wall Hangings