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Robert and Michelle Casarietti

Casarietti Studio Gallery

" Embracing & Embraced...we create original one of a kind abstract paintings that have a meditative ethreal essence."

The intent is to create a sublime spiritual experience through use of color and form; transporting the observer to their own inner sanctuary. That special quiet place, where the fast pace of daily life melts away and one returns to a calm, coherent state of being. The artists seek to evoke positive feelings and experiences for the viewer, to create moments of peace and reflection that become...

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... uniquely the viewer's.

The paintings are created from a place of beauty, power, spirit and soul.
Each painting integrates visual form, color, light, and texture to the dreaming of Space and Place; transporting the viewer to present moment awareness while creating gateways into their own

Light, dimension, movement, and awareness are created by applying 15 to 20 layers of acrylic paint to each canvas. The paintings have numerous variations of application in thickness and texture of acrylic paint and silver or gold leaf. What has evolved is a collaboration of two artists, husband and wife, who share their souls and spirits on the same canvas.

Embracing and Embraced

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