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Bridget Salys

Sunny Stowaways Gallery

"I believe handmade dolls offer the beauty of nature and nurture a bold imagination."

I began making dolls because I was inspired by the tenderness in my daughter's play and beauty of the children we meet. My own mother kept some of my old dolls for my daughter to play with, and I saw how well cloth dolls held over time and how precious it was for my daughter to hold my old dolls and hear my story. I make each doll thoughtfully; their hand-embroidered, soft-sculptured faces...

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... are each one of a kind, and their bodies are made with careful construction. It is my hope that each one is a delight to open, is well-loved for years, and then later, worn but still lovely, sits on a shelf to remind everyone of the tender heart that was..and always will be.

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