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Anna Repke

Anna Winette Gallery

"Creating pictures with character using wool! WHAT??!!"

Having been a painter since kindergarten... my background just paved the way to my new PASSION for "painting" with wool. I learned about felting wool in 2011 and have followed the inspirational trail, jumping into the art business in 2015. (Technique is Explained below) We live on a 25 acre farm in central Illinois and It's time for me to follow my passion after raising 10...

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I start out with cleaned fluffy wool and hand dye it in myriads of colors. I lay out my intended design, get it hot, wet and soapy and massage it until it turns into felt. Once the tapestry is rinsed and dried, I use a special needle to poke tiny wool fibers into the tapestry to create the details.
NOTE: You can pet your picture!! Oriental rugs are made out of wool and last forever, even with people walking on them!! So, you can pet your picture all day long!! The textures and depths are calling you!

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