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Alex Grimmer

Deadwax Art Gallery

"Hand carved artwork from original vinyl records."

I am a 29 year old LA based artist nicknamed Deadwax1.It refers to the space on a record that is "dead" from the last song to the center label on the "wax". I take vinyl records that are scratched, overplayed, or reproductions that are not valuable and make artwork out of them. I hand carve each one with a x-acto knife and hot knife. Each piece contains 15 records that are original from the...

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... musician. They are 31” by 31” mounted and framed. I also have single record pieces that are also cut on the original records. I currently exhibit at fine art shows, music festivals, and Walt Grace Vintage. My pieces have been hung in rehearsal studios, recording studios, offices, and customers homes. Every piece I always use different records and configurations. I hope my work brings a joyful memory, that is my primary goal.
Can do custom orders as well. Check out instagram to follow more; Deadawx1

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