Terms and Conditions for Artists

Terms & Conditions

Jury Policies

ArtZipper.comTM is a juried fine art and fine craft website. All artwork must be original and approved by ArtZipper.com's Board of Jurors.
Artists juried into an Amdur Productions Art Festival are automatically invited to show and sell their work on ArtZipper.comTM.
Artwork must be handmade, original and made by the artist.
Artwork must represent your own body of work. No copies or knock-offs will be accepted.
The work must be a consistent body of work. Multiple bodies of work may be shown, however all work must be of a consistent quality.
Artists may add as many images to their gallery page as they would like.

Artist Membership

ArtZipper.comTM does not have a membership fee -- no risk factor for selling your work on ArtZipper.com!
Artists receive a free "Gallery Page" when signing up on ArtZipper.comTM. Your gallery page will feature your headshot, your logo, artist statement, a video (if you would like), and an unlimited number of your art images.
You set your own prices for your artwork.
You will be able to communicate directly with a customer through ArtZipper.comTM.
Once ArtZipper.comTM opens, we will immediately begin marketing your work through a multi-layered marketing program. You have support from our year-round, in-house Public Relations firm, our Search Engine Marketing program, and our paid advertising schedule.

Selling Structure

ArtZipper.comTM will retain 18% (eighteen percent) of all work sold on ArtZipper.com.
The customer will pay ArtZipper.comTM directly.
ArtZipper.comTM will pay the artists within 14 days from when the customer receives the artwork, by check or Paypal.
ArtZipper.comTM is not liable for any loss and/or damages that may occur through purchase.
ArtZipper.comTM is not liable for any loss and/or damages that may occur through shipping. If shipping an item valued at over $75, ArtZipper.comTM
recommends purchasing shipping insurance.

Artist Pages

It's easy! You design your online gallery pages, including picking a background color to best compliment your body of work, uploading your images, setting your own prices, updating your artist information, updating the description for your artwork, uploading videos and more.
ArtZipper.comTM will review profiles and profile changes before going live; we respect our artists' wishes in how their work is presented.


ArtZipper.comTM will provide support for artists and customers from 9am-5pm CST Monday-Friday. Call: 847-926-4300 if you incur problems or have questions. Emails may be sent to info@artzipper.com at anytime.

Privacy & Security

ArtZipper.comTM uses secure payment pages to ensure payment and shipping information is kept private.
ArtZipper.comTM will never release or sell your contact information to any third parties.