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Welcome to, the online art gallery where you can see and shop original art of all kinds 24 hours a day. Paintings, Photographs, Mixed Media, 2D, Sculptures, Wearables and Jewelry are showcased on artists sites.

Find the perfect art by going to the search bar and typing in what you are looking for. Looking to browse? Just enjoy all types of art by going through the categories of art. When you see what you like, just click on it and see the piece up close. A special mouse over feature lets you see the details of the art.

Buying art on is easy. Just click the “Own It” button, and check out. The art comes straight to you.

Top Ten Reasons for Buying Art at

  1. Find the perfect wall art for your home or office.
  2. Find original paintings of florals, landscapes, contemporary and abstract themes.
  3. Find handmade original jewelry to wear or give as a gift, from earrings to cuffs to necklaces, one size fits all.
  4. Find handmade original art pieces to wear, everything from purses to scarves.
  5. Find the best photographs, from nature to surreal, serious to humorous.
  6. Find great art gifts; handmade art journals, graduation gifts featuring the school’s landmarks, treasure boxes and mirrors.
  7. Find gifts to support your inner peace, sunsets, majestic nature scenes, dramatic trees.
  8. Find art that makes you laugh, photographs, paintings, prints.
  9. Find unique art at all prices.
  10. Find new art daily at

Thanks. Wishing you days filled with Art.

Amy Amdur