Taffy by Sharon Aach
  • Taffy by Sharon Aach
  • Taffy by Sharon Aach

From the Sharon Aach Gallery

Category: Mixed Media & Collage

Title: Taffy

Description: Delightful, playful, sticky, chewy mouth watering fresh salt water taffy. Reminiscent of my childhood trips to the State Fair with my family. We always had to bring home an abundant supply of the fresh taffy the vendors made! This artwork is mounted onto wood and has a black brush finished metal background. It is installed with a simple cleat and sits approximated 1" from the wall.

Theme: Abstract

Color: Pink, blue, green, white, black

Edition: Original

Surface: Tempered Glass Panel

Medium: Paints, resin, pigments

Dimensions: 10 inches wide, 36 inches tall

Shipping: $0.00

Price: $1075.00

Please note: This artist has opted out of allowing for returns for this artwork. All sales are final.