Sunset over Hudson River

Sunset over Hudson River by Abir Yousef

From the Abir Yousef Gallery

Category: Paintings: Oil

Title: Sunset over Hudson River

Description: Original oil painting, painted sides and ready to hang on wall. This painting is unique because it is different from the rest of my artwork - it gathers and arranges the elements of the piece in a way that is chaotic. Unfortunately, it is difficult to appreciate the beauty that is around us when we are exhausted and distracted by our busy daily lives; elements and objects are just images to us, stacked in our brain with no meaning, just as they are arranged in this piece. This artwork was inspired by the busy life and the crazy traffic in which I found myself caught numerous times while I was living in New York City, as a reminder that there is always beauty that exists around us.

Theme: Abstract

Color: Blue, green, orange, red, and yellow

Material: Canvas

Texture: Flat

Finish: Art Only

Dimensions: 46 inches wide, 46 inches tall

Shipping: $95.00

Price: $2200.00