Ruach - Spirit in Motion Earrings

Ruach - Spirit in Motion Earrings by Deborah Potash Brodie

From the Deborah Potash Brodie Gallery

Category: Earrings

Title: Ruach - Spirit in Motion Earrings

Description: I have endowed him with a divine spirit of skill, ability, and knowledge in every kind of craft. Exodus 11:3 and 35:31. As Balsam looked up and saw Israel encamped tribe by tribe, the spirit of God came upon him. Numbers 24:2. Ruach is a word with two special meanings. It is first used in the Biblical Creation story as a Divine wind separating earth from waters and then describing Prophets and Artists as touched by the Divine Spirit. This Sterling Silver Ruach is twisted as the wind sweeps through on its own spiritual journey. Kabbalah (kabbala) is interpreted as Jewish mysticism – where looking at a Judaic design more than one meaning can appear. Ruach is more than a piece of jewelry - these designer earrings have taken on its own meaningful storyline –spirit in motion. Can be used for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Anniversary, healing, renewal, or celebration gift. Available as pendants and dangle earrings.

Material: Other

Metal: Silver

Gender: Women

Backing: Hook

Dimensions: 1 inch tall

Shipping: $9.00

Price: $128.00