Shir - Song to Heaven Earrings

 Shir - Song to Heaven Earrings by Deborah Potash Brodie

From the Deborah Potash Brodie Gallery

Category: Earrings

Title: Shir - Song to Heaven Earrings

Description: Sing to G-d, chant hymns to G-d’s name; Extol G-d who rides the clouds. (Isaiah 68:5) Musical notes float upwards, each note bearing a song of praise. Examined closely, each 24K Gold Plate note is a Hebrew letter, spelling the word ‘shir’ which means song. The five bar musical staff is in Sterling Silver. Kabbalah (kabbala) is interpreted as Jewish spiritual mysticism – where looking at a Judaic design more than one meaning can appear. Shir Shamayim is more than a piece of jewelry - these designer earrings have taken on its own meaningful storyline – musical song traveling towards heaven. Can be used for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Anniversary, healing, renewal, holiday, or celebration gift. Available as 14K, pendants, earrings, pins, brooches (stick pins), bracelets, tallit clips and in sandblasted glass

Material: Other

Metal: Silver

Gender: Women

Backing: Hook

Dimensions: 1 inch wide,

Shipping: $9.00

Price: $128.00