M.Samourai by Isabelle Gougenheim

From the Isabelle Gougenheim Gallery

Category: Paintings: Acrylic

Title: M.Samourai

Description: Mrs. Samurai, “The Owner” of this colorful artwork, is depicted on the right side of the painting. She is a proud female warrior, contemplating her homeland. Mix of survival containers, musical notes and Japanese signs, her world is eclectic, loud, and vibrant. Scared but hopeful, Mrs. Samurai’s world is an accurate representation of the world we currently live in. Take some time to feel the atmosphere and allow yourself to enter her universe for a grasp of hope. Mrs. Samurai is part of the Spring 2020 artwork collection created by Isabelle Gougenheim. 2.9 W ft x 3.6 H ft Mixed Media Acrylic, Ink, Pastel

Theme: Abstract

Material: Canvas

Texture: Flat

Finish: Art Only

Dimensions: 3 feet wide, 4 feet tall

Shipping: $0.00

Price: $3800.00