Luce del Mare Limited-Edition on Canvas

Luce del Mare Limited-Edition on Canvas by Grant Pecoff
  • Luce del Mare Limited-Edition on Canvas by Grant Pecoff
  • Luce del Mare Limited-Edition on Canvas by Grant Pecoff

From the Grant Pecoff Gallery

Category: Paintings: Oil

Title: Luce del Mare Limited-Edition on Canvas

Description: There are few places on the planet where the nostalgic old world charm of days gone by can resurrect within us, a connection to timeless moments that illuminate what is most important in life. You will find one such gem in the quaint 9th century town of Positano. Nestled in-between the steep and dramatic cliffs of the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy, the lazily romantic setting of this Mediterranean paradise has for centuries served as a muse to artists who have come to be inspired by its uniquely alluring coastline. In 2012, on a sponsored painting trip by private collectors, contemporary artist Grant Pecoff joined the ranks of the many master artists before him, and embarked upon his personal dream to visit. Making this awe-inspiring town, with its narrow walkways, colored stucco buildings, and many cafes and galleries his personal studio, Pecoff realized in its radiate light, why so many are drawn to this coastal retreat. Being built on the edge of the sea, it was important for Pecoff to capture the essence of Positano from the vantage point of being on the water. With adventurous and spirited hearts, he and his wife, Layne rented a boat from a local on the beach, and with pencils and a sketch pad in hand, set out to explore the idyllic coastline. Once they made it some distance from the shoreline, they turned back, and the grandeur and magic of Positano filled their eyes. The immensity and scale of the vertical cliffs coupled with the bright luminance colors of the buildings spilling like paint into the water left Pecoff speechless. The patterns in the water created from the boat in the foreground and scenery in the background moved and swayed…Pecoff recounts, ”the scene was alive, this was my painting, this was Positano”. After experiencing the captivating spirit of Positano first hand, Pecoff aptly titled this painting, “Luce del Mare" which translates to “Light of the Sea”. Finding reflective solace in the glassy luminance of the sea, Pecoff invites viewers to focus on one of the most important themes found in his work; light. Pointing to the still Light of Awareness, the Light of Being or Oneness that is found when we give pause and fully allow all that we see. Canvas Limited-Editions are Gallery Wrapped (the image continues around the sides, and stretched around 1.5" stretcher bars). Signed on front. Numbered on back. Wire on back. Ready to hang.

Theme: Landscape

Color: blue, aqua, green, colorful

Material: Canvas

Texture: Flat

Finish: Canvas Wrapped

Edition: 100

Dimensions: 48 inches wide, 36 inches tall, 2 inches as its depth

Shipping: $150.00

Price: $1800.00