Love-Ahava Sand Carved Wine Goblet

Love-Ahava Sand Carved  Wine Goblet by Deborah Potash Brodie

From the Deborah Potash Brodie Gallery

Category: Glass

Title: Love-Ahava Sand Carved Wine Goblet

Description: Ani L’Dodi v’Dodi Li I am my Beloved and My Beloved is Mine King Solomon Song of Songs 6:3 This beautiful and modern sandblasted Wine Glass offers more than a vessel to drink wine in. Carved into the goblet from Song of Songs is the verse ‘Ani L’Dodi v’Dodi Li’ – I am my Beloved and my Beloved is Mine. It also has the Ahava – Love is in the Heart design. The heart has long symbolized love.   Kabbalah (kabbala)  is interpreted as Jewish mysticism – where looking at a Judaic design more than one meaning can appear.  The first letter of the Hebrew word ‘Ahava’ – alef – is in the center of the piece.  Each consecutive heart make up the rest of the alphabet letters – hey, vet, hey.  This beautiful spiritual goblet can be used for Bar and Bat Mitzvah, birthday, anniversary, healing, renewal, celebration, holiday and wedding gifts.    Available as 14k pieces, pendants, dangle earrings, studs, pins, brooches (stick pins), bracelets, tallit clips, giclee, and sand carved glass.

Color: Clear or frosted

Technique: Cold Glass

Dimensions: 4 inches wide, 8 inches tall

Shipping: $20.00

Price: $45.00