Pro Pass

Pro Pass by Amdur Productions

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Category: Paintings: Oil

Title: Pro Pass

Description: Details: Buy the 2021 Pro Pass on for $195. Late fees per show will apply after the $195 purchase. After the purchase of the ProPass, artists will receive an email with a downloadable application form. Then, artists can apply to any and all 2021 Amdur Productions art festivals. Your “Pro Pass” is not transferable to any other artist or group, is non-refundable, and does not guarantee acceptance into festivals. The Pro Pass expires September 25, 2021. Your Pro Pass can be used to apply to the same festival more than once, but not in the same category. Late fees may apply. Please call us with questions at 847-926-4300.

Theme: Abstract

Color: Earth Tones

Material: Paper

Texture: Flat

Finish: Art Only

Edition: Unique


Shipping: $0.00

Price: $195.00