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How It Works

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Who can join?

All artists who create original art can join. Artists apply through a jury process. Some artists are exempt from jury: Exempt artists are people who have been juried into an Amdur Productions festival between 2014 through 2024. They are automatically eligible to have their own gallery pages on ArtZipper.comTM.

To start your application, click here.

Are there fees to have a gallery page?

There are no membership fees or image upload fees for ArtZipper.comTM. You can upload and change your gallery images at any time at no cost to you.

What goes on my gallery page?

Your gallery page is customizable to best represent you and your art. Here’s what you should include:

How do I set prices for my work?

You set your own prices for your work on your gallery page. Upon purchase, ArtZipper.comTM receives 25% of the full purchase price. will send you a check within 30 days of the sale.

What happens when I sell a piece?

When a buyer selects your work, you will be notified by email that they have purchased your work. You then must confirm that you will fill the order and pack/send the order to them in a pre-specified number of days. Artists must ship the work with a tracking number sent to ArtZipper.comTM.

How do returns work?

The buyer has 14 days to return the piece from the date it was received. If the buyer decides to return the piece, they must send it back to you in the original shipping material with a tracking number which they send to ArtZipper.comTM. You then notify us that the item was returned and received by you in good condition. ArtZipper.comTM nullifies the order and the purchaser receives a credit. Read the full return policy.

How do I receive payment for a sold piece?

Within 30 days of the customer receiving the artwork, ArtZipper.comTM processes payment to you for your work via Paypal or check. You receive the price you set for your piece, less 25% which is retained by ArtZipper.comTM. Remember to update your web page if the work was a unique piece and is no longer available.

Can I still sell on my own site and other sites?

Yes! Just make sure to update your ArtZipper.comTM gallery page if a unique piece is no longer available.

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