Photo Tips for Artists

Photo Tips

We highly recommend hiring a professional to photograph your work. Many artists choose to have their artwork shot by photographers who specialize in art photography. If you don’t know a good art photographer and want one, we suggest doing an online search, talking to friends who are artists or calling a local Art Center or School.

If you prefer to take the DIY approach, here are some tips:

Clear sharply focused images are needed.
Do not over-photoshop images and avoid pixilation.
Good lighting makes a difference. Use natural light or 2 well-balanced symmetrical light sources. Avoid harsh shadows and flash “burnout” and reflections.
Photograph your work against a solid or gradient background. Do NOT photograph against a pattern, or in a room setting. Wearables can be shown on a model if desired.
2d art should be shown as it will be sold, so if a mat and frame are included, then show them. Show the work in entirety.
Jewelry should be shown one object to an image, earrings can be shown as a two piece set. Symmetrical or intentional placement of necklaces and bracelets helps.

Technical Requirements:

Images should be JPEGS at least 550 and up to 2000 pixels in their largest dimension.

Images should be saved in RGB color format.

Be an ArtZipper Stand Out:

Create and upload your own video on your own ArtZipper.comTM page. Keep it short and sweet and watch your sales increase.

Technology lets you talk to virtual customers. Show them your studio, your process, talk to them. iMovie is an easy way to make a video or finish your rough footage. Add music and narrate, or just talk through your piece.