Way Up There, 16’w x 6’h x 1’d

Way Up There, 16’w x 6’h x 1’d by Myra Burg

From the Myra Burg Gallery

Category: Wall Sculptures

Title: Way Up There, 16’w x 6’h x 1’d

Description: Price shown is for entire Quiet Oboe installation including mounting hardware. Wrapped synthetic, natural and found fiber over hollow core, each is unique. Think of them as cylindrical tapestries. Easily installed by using the multiple mounting holes found under the softest fiber, they’re wonderful solo, even more fun in groupings like this one. We’re happy to help and will provide installation diagram and mounting instructions. It’s easy. Questions? Please call us. We’re friendly! 310-780-0666, [email protected] Shown on the right side of the image is an painting installation of Liz Cummings’ iridescent pieces, not included below, total approximate ad for Liz’ pieces is about $1,800

Theme: Abstract

Color: Anything you like! These installations can me made in any color way you desire!

Material: Cast Material

Edition: Each is original. Choose color following purchase. If you don’t see your favorite color here, we’ll make it for you!

Dimensions: 16 feet wide, 6 feet tall, 1 feet as its depth

Shipping: $0.00

Price: $6850.00