'Vase and Petals'

'Vase and Petals'  by zeny cieslikowski

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Category: Photographs

Title: 'Vase and Petals'

Description: ‘Vase and Petals’ is a very rare (only 2 or 3 remaining) hand-printed in the darkroom photograph. The design on the vase, taken in front of an antique shop in Santa Barbara, is the de Medici Crest or Coat of Arms. The origin stories vary but the most reliable are that the balls relate to the medical profession (Medici) or financial (pawn). This lovely old vase rests on pink/red bricks with Bougainvillea petals scattered all around while the colors and textures of light blue/pink wall and green window frame form the perfect backdrop for this vase. I took the photograph with my Hasselblad 500C camera with an 80mm Planar Lens and used Kodak negative film.

Theme: Botanical & Still Life

Color: Pink, Green, Grey, Rose, Rust

Finish: Art Only

Edition: 1-20x24 darkroom printed remaining in edition of 150

Style: Color

Surface: Paper

Dimensions: 24 inches wide, 20 inches tall, 1 inch as its depth

Shipping: $15.00

Price: $225.00